40-day Special Jeongseong (Devotion) Course to Inherit Heavenly Fortune


In order to harvest victorious fruit during the remaining 9 months, True Mother directed the leaders of main providential organizations to do a 40-day special night vigil Jeongseong.
Especially, in order to victoriously overcome all the challenges Heavenly Japan is facing, all the leaders should resonate as one heart centered on heavenly heart. Let’s work on the 40-day special course to inherit heavenly fortune together.

1. Name: 40-day special Jeongseong Course to inherit heavenly fortune

2. Period: From July 1 to August 9, 2024

3. Participants: all the pastors, members who wish to participate

4. Content of the Condition:
1) Participation in the Cheon Shim Won night vigil prayer from Monday to Friday.
※It is mandatory for pastors and optional for church members

5. Purpose of Prayer
1) For True Mother’s health and for the peace and safety of all the members of the True Family.
2) To inherit heavenly fortune during this 40-day condition and the success of all the events that will take place during this 40- day condition
3) For the victory of the entrance into Cheon Won Gung Cheon Il Sanctum
4) To promote witnessing toward VISION 2025 and the victory of the blessing of unmarried young people
5) For FFWPU Heavenly Japan to keep its status as a religious organization